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The Life, Works and Ideas of Mevlana

Jalaladdin Mohammed, who is called by names of especially Mevlana, Mevlevi, Hüdavendigar and Mollayı Rum and rarely Belhi, Rumi Konevi, was born Belh City, which is located todey in north of Afganistan. He spent his childhood years within great meterial and sipiritual wealth possessed by his father Bahauddin Veled in Belhi City who was a member of a family training learned scholars and then, his motherland become Konya City. His life family dervish convet in Konya and his ideas and his views reflected in his works carried him to our present in very lively and vigorous form. First of all, he was accepted as a pioneer of a cocept remining divene love, grace elegance, love and to tolerance and he aimed to present Islamic belief yo hearts with this view and thought.

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