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Traditional Turkish Handicrafts

kelime-itevhid_wwwkalemguzelinetjpg.jpg There are five basic categories of traditional Turkish handicrafts that have been practiced in Anatolia for nearly a millennium. These are:

· Textile-weaving
· Tiles,and ceramics
· Wood and stone carving
· Metalworking
· Calligraphy and book-related arts

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Thuluth Script

Thuluth Script was first formulated in the 7th century AD during the Umayyad caliphate, but it did not develop fully until the late 9th century AD. The name means ‘a third’ — perhaps because of the proportion of straight lines to curves, or perhaps because the script was a third the size of another popular contemporary script. Though rarely used for writing the Holy Qur’an, Thuluth has enjoyed enormous popularity as an ornamental script for calligraphic inscriptions, titles, headings and colophons. It is still the most important of all the ornamental scripts.

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The Persian Sufism

by Cyprian Rice, O.P.,
George Allen, London, 1964


The Sufi phenomenon is not easy to sum up or define. The Sufis never set out to found a new religion, a mazhab or denomination. They were content to live and work within the framework of the Moslem religion, using texts from the Quran much as Christian mystics have used to Bible to illustrate their tenets. Their aim was to purify and spiritualize Islam from within, to give it a deeper, mystical interpretation, and infuse into it a spirit of love and liberty. In the broader sense, therefore, in which the word religion is used in our time, their movement could well be called a religious one, one which did not aim at tying men down with a new set of rules but rather at setting them free from external rules and open to the movement of the spirit.

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