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Mehmed “lmamzade” (d. 1751)

Mehmed was born in Besiktas in Istanbul. The cognomen “imamzade” indicates that his father was an imam. The works that have survived display great delicacy and finesse in the use of Naskhi script. He died in 1165 H.

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Mehmed Izzet Effendi (1841 – 1903)

Mehmed Izzet Effendi was born in Istanbul in 1257 H. We do not know from whom he received his icazet, but he is known to have written a very beautiful Thuluth and Naskhi and to have written the Rik’a script in a very pleasing style peculiar to himself. He taught writing in various schools including Galatasaray Lycee. Two of his books of calligraphy models for students have been published. The inscription on the dome of the German Fountain in Sultanahmet bears his signature. He died in 1320 and was buried in the Yahya Effendi cemetery in Besiktas.

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Mehmed “Sekerzade” (d. 1752)

Mehmed Sekerzade was born in Manisa, but the date of his birth is uncertain. He came to Istanbul and took lessons in Thuluth and Naskhi first from Abdullah Kirimi and later from Seyid Abdullah of Yedikule, from whom he received his icazet. An illuminated Quran written in the style of Sheikh Hamdullah was published by the Ministry of Education in 1312 H. (1888).

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